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 MQ-4 Smoke Methane Propane Hydrogen Gas Sensor
MQ-4 Smoke Methane Propane Hydrogen Gas Sensor
Stock : 22pcs
Price:PKR 250.00
Size: 32X20X22mm/1.25*0.78*0.86”
The main chip: MQ-4 gas sensing probe
Operating voltage: DC 5V
Power (current) : 150mA
DO Output: 0.1V/5V
AO Output: 0.1-0.3V
Indication of the signal output
Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output)
TTL output signal is low. (When low output signal light, and can be connected directly to the microcontroller)
0 ~ 5V analog output voltage, the higher the concentration, the higher the voltage.
Of methane gas, the natural gas has better sensitivity
Suitable for home or factory methane gas, natural gas, and other monitoring devices
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