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 RC JCX-M6 Digital Flight Controller for Airplane a
RC JCX-M6 Digital Flight Controller for Airplane a
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Compatible Devices RC plane  RC model aircraft  FPV Fixed-wing aircraft
Options To increase the stability and flight control; Product JCX-M6 This controller is especially designed for the flight of an airplane wing; It can perform calculation for flying wings, elevators, rudders and steering compensation and output volume for channels in real-time to facilitate the stability of the aircraft during the flight; JCX-M6 have special flight assistance function, which can help control flight conditions; Inverted flight, slanting flight, and hanging flight are available without compromise; By the fourth or fifth wind force, airplane KT330 can inverted flight, slanting flight, and hanging flight; With proper nutrition and a driving force, now the wind is not a problem; It supports fixed wings, flying wings (triangular wings) and tail (Aero-engine aircraft, Cessna, and 3D devices)
Other features Product notice for the first use; LT supports various types of fixed-wing flying wings and tail; Red and blue LED to make it easier to say, the operating mode and vice versa; 4-bit DIP makes functional parameters of the board was easy and convenient; Independent gyro gain adjustment potentiometer and the algorithm of software gyro gain make the gyro into its best automatically; Stable flight: In enhanced stability mode, the gyroscope automatically adjusts to compensate for the fixed wings, elevators, and rudders; This increases the possibility of wind resistance and reduces the rate of Failure to allow stable flight. 3D flights such as inverted flight, slanting flight, and hanging flight become easy and aircraft handling; Flying has become so easy for us; Trick flight assistance: Stunt flight modes, also contribute to the stability of flight, there are flight locked function on a digital gyro automatically locking the channels of aileron, elevator, and rudder; This function makes inverted flight, slanting flight, hanging flight, and even 360-degree rotation available without compromise which indicates more accurate flight control with flexibility at the same time; Takeoff and landing become quite easy, if without the center of gravity adjusted the flight the plane is difficult to also be easily controlled; Operating temperature: -Up to 80'C, Voltage: DC 4-9 V Current: MA (Max.) Sampling Rate Gyro 2 kHz; Login PWM: 50 Hz PMW, PMW Yield: 50 Hz PMW; Supports setting software and software updates: Supports Windows XP only now
Dimensions: 1.93 in X 1.18 X 0.39 in (4.9 cm x 3.0 cm x 1.0 cm)
Weight: 0.21 oz. (6g)
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