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 Thunder KK Pro Flight Controller for Multi-Rotor A
Thunder KK Pro Flight Controller for Multi-Rotor A
SKU : KK4A-C117
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Price:PKR 1200.00
The Thunder KK Pro Flight Controller for multi-rotor aircraft features a built-in 3-axis gyro for agile flight performance. 
The Thunder KK Pro Flight Controller supports a wide variety of receivers including standard PWM and PCM 2.4GHZ, Spektrum/JR DSM2, DSMX (including satellites) and Futaba S.Bus as well as similarly compatible after-market 2.4GHz recievers.
The Thunder KK Pro Flight Controller is easily configured and calibrated via a set of dip switches and adjustable pot dials.  A small screwdriver is included for making these adjustments.  The Thunder KK Pro Flight Controller can control up to six (6) motors and can be configured for four different types of multi-rotor aircraft:
Processor: CISC 8BIT
Rated voltage: 3.6V-8.4V
Rated current: 30mA
Electric refresh rate: 330Hz
Flight control size: 43*29*13mm (length * width * height)
Package size: 175*89.5*14mm (length * width * height)
Flight weight: 12g
Package weight: 24g
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