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 Bicycle DC36V Electric Motor and Controller 220W B
Bicycle DC36V Electric Motor and Controller 220W B
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Pin definition:

1, UVW is connected to the three phases of the brushless motor.

2, the positive and negative power supply is connected to 36V or 48V battery.

3, The controller can work after the power lock line is connected to the positive power supply, and the controller stops working after the switch is disconnected.

4, then transfer to speed.

5, low-brake power failure, short-circuit the two-wire motor shutdown, immediately resume operation after disconnection.

6, high-brake power off, connected to high power supply power, usually with a low-brake power on it.

7, speed gear, three speed selection switch plug, when not in use, it can be suspended.

8, the motor Hall, the Hall sensor motor is connected, no Hall sensor regardless of it.

9, learning line, used to adjust the direction of rotation of the motor.

Installation and commissioning:

Firstly connect the three power cords on the controller: thick red (positive power supply), thick black (negative power supply), thin red (electric lock) and three motor wires, and connect the thick yellow, green, blue and electric vehicles ( pay attention to the power supply Positive and negative poles cannot be reversed). Then insert the white learning line, turn on the electric car door lock and power on the controller. At this time, the motor will automatically rotate. If the motor is reversed, unplug the learning line and plug it in again until the motor turns smoothly. Unplug the learning line. At this point the entire learning process of the controller is completely over. The next step is to connect other function lines.

Controller weight 0.27kg
motor weight 3kg
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