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 KBU1010 10A 1000V Diode bridge Rectifier IC
KBU1010 10A 1000V Diode bridge Rectifier IC
SKU : KBU1010-C26
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KBU1010 10A 1000V Diode bridge Rectifier IC KBU-1010 

The KBU Series offers a range of bridge rectifiers in 600 V/1000 V with a forward current of 6A up to 25A.  They are widely seen on printed circuit board (PCB) applications and are used for AC to DC conversion.

Ideal for P.C. Board mounting
High surge current capability
High temperature soldering guaranteed 265 C /10
seconds at 5 lbs (2.3kg) tension

Bridge Type: Single Phase
Peak Average Forward Current: 10A
Peak Reverse Repetitive Voltage: 1000V
Mounting Type: Through Hole
Package Type: KBU
Pin Count: 4
Diode Technology: Silicon Junction
Diode Type: Silicon Junction
Configuration: Single
Peak Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current: 240A
Maximum Operating Temperature: +150 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature: -55 °C
Peak Forward Voltage: 1V
Peak Reverse Current: 500µA
Dimensions: 23.7 x 7 x 19.8mm
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