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 MG995 MG996 2 Axis steering gear head bracket 2 DOF servo arm
MG995 MG996 2 Axis steering gear head bracket 2 DOF servo arm
Stock : 41pcs
Price:PKR 450.00
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Steering head bracket two degrees of freedom manipulator robot accessories Steering Bracket Set

Two degrees of freedom is a high torque Steering head, cost-effective small head, in the horizontal and vertical directions do two DOF motion to facilitate the installation of cameras, you can achieve video surveillance, image recognition location tracking; install infrared sensors or ultrasonic distance sensor can be combined into integrated detection devices, so that the robot can sense the surrounding obstacles, enabling the robot obstacle avoidance capabilities. Of course, you can also install a variety of sensors, Steering controller through a variety of innovative interactive work completed.

This section Steering head bracket Optional Steering: MG995 and MG945, DGS05, such as Steering size is 40 * 19 * 37 (Steering gear box length, width, height) and other standard Steering.

Ship Steering head bracket list is as follows:

1 aluminum alloy multifunction Steering bracket 1
2  short U-shaped (optional shoot package needed) Bracket 1
3 flange bearings 1
4 screw:
3 * 10 with Ring Screw 5
M3 nut 4
M3 Nylon Nut 1

5 to send a small wrench 1

Note: This price does not include Steering and rudder! Containing only bracket bearings and screws!
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