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 Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Mount Holder ping sensor bracket
Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Mount Holder ping sensor bracket
SKU : SR04M02-G45
Stock : 152pcs
Price:PKR 100.00
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Specifications: This blue mount fits the above sensors perfectly. You can hold these sensors in place with a few tiny dots of hot glue, or using some 2/56 nuts and bolts. Tip: Hot glue sticks really well to PCBs and clean acrylic.

These right angle mounts come covered in contact paper that peels away, assuring a clean and scratch free surface.

Fits Parallax, PING, HC-SR04, HC-SR05 ultrasonic sensors.
Thickness :2.8mm - 3.1mm
Inner diameter: 16mm
Diameter of mounting hole: 3.8mm
Material: acrylic
Usage: fixed ultrasonic sensor modules and other products
Color: red or blue(sent randomly)
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