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 ECG electrode picking up signals Self Adhesive
ECG electrode picking up signals Self Adhesive
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Price:PKR 30.00
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Disposable ECG electrode is used for ECG or other biopotential measurements. using nonwoven fabric material - a kind of breathable paper - cotton or PE and foam with medical hypoallergenic adhesive.

This ECG electrode has a high viscosity, so it can adhere to your skin directly. The snap-on connector can be pushed on or removed from the electrode lead easily. It can be used as spare part for the Arduino Analog Heart Rate (ECG) Monitor Sensor. 

Easy to stick to chest to pickup ECG signals.
The center is filled with liquid electrode gel for good contact and pickup.
Remove plastic backing sheet to expose the adhesive. Then affix to chest and connect wires to your ECG module for signal pickup.
Gives good stablization and quick reading.
Note: Price is for 1 quantity, You will need atleast 3 quantity to test.

Please Note:
1. This product should be stored in a cool dry place
2. This product must be used within 10 days after opening packaging
3. This product is not disinfected and should not be used internally
4. Users with sensitive skin should use with caution
5. This product is valid for two years from the date of manufacture.

Separate AC Impedance: = 3KO
Average AC Impedance : = 2KO
DC Offset Voltage: = 100mV
Internal Noise: = 150Vp_p
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