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 SG90 MG90 Servo Bracket mount acrylic
SG90 MG90 Servo Bracket mount acrylic
SKU : SG90M1-K4S1
Stock : 120pcs
Price:PKR 50.00
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SG90 MG90 Servo Bracket mount acrylic

The SG90 / MG90 Servo Bracket is an acrylic bracket designed to mount the SG90 and MG90 servo motors.

SG90 / MG90 Servo Bracket
2 small screws & nuts for mounting the servo motor to the bracket
2 large screws & nuts for attaching the bracket to a surface.
The bracket is flat and is commonly used for mounting a servo motor for steering a small robotic car or it can be used to rotate a sensor such as an ultrasonic range finder.

For mounting, the bracket has two small holes that allow the servo to be mounted from the top or bottom and then screwed in place using the screws provided.  The bracket also has a slot with two screws and nuts for mounting it to a surface.
Dimensions W x L 35mm x 37mm (1.38 x 1.46?)
Servo mounting hole W x L 13 x 24mm (0.51 x 0.95?)
Material  Acrylic 3mm

Note that the kit does not include the servo motor, but they can be order from our website.
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