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 12V 23A MN21 MS21 Battery Case Box Holder
12V 23A MN21 MS21 Battery Case Box Holder
SKU : 23ABH-J2S2
Stock : 326pcs
Price:PKR 30.00
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12V 23A MN21 MS21 Battery Case Box Holder

23A Battery is an ideal power for projects that have strict volume requirement, because of its mini size and high capacity.
Many products, like camera, remote control, music card and so on, have already adopted it.
If you are searching for such a mini yet energetic power like 23A battery, why not stock one holder now.
Note: Please do not separate, maintain, or refit the product.The wires are thin, and the structure of this product is only fit for very small current load, DO NOT connect it to a load that will cause large current, stop using this product if the wires are hot.
1. When the battery case is working, the maximum power should be less than 2.5W, the working current should be less than 2A
2.Please pay attention to your battery heat generation while using this product and do not use the poor quality battery.

Dimensions: 35 x 12 x 11.5
Lead length: 150mm

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