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 HQ 37GB-395 DC 12V 740RPM gear motor high torque
HQ 37GB-395 DC 12V 740RPM gear motor high torque
SKU : 12V740R-P14S2
Stock : 75pcs
Price:PKR 900.00
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HQ 37GB-395 12V 740RPM gear motor high torque
GB37R-395 geared motor has a small reduction ratio of only 1:10 and an output speed of 740 rpm. It is not easy to make a speed reducer with such a small reduction ratio. Yateng is producing high-end products. Their gear motors quality and accuracy is very good, and the sound is quiet during operation.

Motor diameter: 27.8 MM
Gearbox diameter: 37 MM
Total height: 65.8 MM (without bearing)
Output shaft: 6 MM (flat position is 5.4 MM)
Output shaft length: 18.5 MM (from the panel)
Weight: 183 g
Voltage: 12 V
Speed: around 740 RPM
Current: 0.14 A
Torque: 1 KG (estimated)
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