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 DC 12V Battery Solar 150W Water Heater Rod for Bat
DC 12V Battery Solar 150W Water Heater Rod for Bat
SKU : SWH150-T3S11
Stock : 262pcs
Price:PKR 400.00
DC 12V Battery Solar 150W Water Heater Rod for Battery Solar Panel - 12V 150W
voltage : 12v to 18V
wattage :150w
material of tube: aluminum 
tube length : 17cm 
turns: 3- circle
wire length: 1meter
plug : battery folde
It works by solar panel or 12v battery directly.
Power: 150 watts, 100 AH battery can back up for 5.5 hours.
30 minutes heating up 2 Liter water (original water tem. 25C).
New energy to solve poor electric source problem.

1. product name : water heater
2. Usage: The heater is a small style appliance that can heat water and other liquids. It has some advantages, such as, carry easily, high quality and low price.
This water heater is convenient for housing use.Heating fatly and evenly and drink quickly .ideal for boiling water .
                           Enjoy Your Life                               
Enjoy hot drinks quickly and easily with this dependable beverage heater. Simply plug it into your
lighter/power socket and immerse the heating coil into your favorite glass or ceramic mug or
container filled with liquid. In seconds, your beverage is nice and hot and ready to enjoy. Easy
way to heat water for instant powdered drink and soup mixes, too. Compact size is perfect for
tucking into your glove box. Another great innovation from RoadPro, your trusted travel
companion, bringing the comforts of home to on-the-go living. 
Useful for many appliance like:
-boiling water for coffee, tea etc.
-cooking seafood like crabs, yabbies and fish
-camping -use the caravan parks electricity instead of yours for heating large amounts of water
-cooking-use someone else's electricity instead of yours when away from home
-heating up water to the right temperature or boil eggs, potato etc.
-boiling many eggs or potatoes for commercial cooking
1.Don't leave a electric heater enable into the grid without supervision.
2.Don't include electric heater without immersion in water.
3.Don't put your hand into the liquid when the element is plugged in a wall outlet.
4.Don't keep electric heater in boiling water more than 3 minutes.
5.Don't place the water heater into soapy and alkaline solutions.
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