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 Model 614 coreless motor DC4.2V 54500 rpm high-spe
Model 614 coreless motor DC4.2V 54500 rpm high-spe
SKU : CM614-Q152
Stock : 299pcs
Price:PKR 100.00
Model 614 coreless motor DC4.2V 54500 rpm high-speed high-torque neodymium iron boron strong magnet

Quadcopter Airplane 614 coreless motor, speed 54500 rpm at DC4.2V, locked-rotor current about 1.46A, neodymium iron boron high-strength magnetic coreless motor, high speed, high torque, and it just has red and blue The wire is paired with the black and white wire. The lead wire is very long, about 170mm. It is a rare batch of complete and beautiful 614 coreless motors. 

Motor outer diameter: 6MM
Motor length: 14 MM
Motor shaft diameter: 0.8 MM
Output shaft length: 4 MM
Weight: about 1.8 grams
Voltage: DC4.2V
Current: 0.08 A (locked rotor 1.46 A)
Speed: 54500 RPM

The long-line 614 coreless motor like this is a NdFeB coreless motor with high-strength magnetism. It has high speed and large torque, and it is also a brand new coreless motor of Shuanghuan.
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