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 G4 interface LED lamp light beads 1.1W halogen bul
G4 interface LED lamp light beads 1.1W halogen bul
Stock : 173pcs
Price:PKR 100.00
G4 interface LED lamp light beads 1.1W halogen bulb

Brand: IKEA
Model: LED1317G1
Power: 1.1W equivalent to 15W halogen lamp
The current is 89 MA when the voltage is DC12V
Brightness: 80 lumens
Life: 20000 hours
Color rendering: greater than 80
Color temperature: 2700K
Dimming: not supported
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 18 grams (with blister packaging)

Imported brand G4 interface LED lamp beads, DC12V, 1.1W, brightness 80 lm, color temperature 2700 K, can replace the two-pin pin 15W tungsten bulb, 1.1W power can be used for the brightness of 15W power tungsten bulb, Energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, and the price is super affordable. It was originally used to replace the small halogen bulb with the two-pin pin of the crystal lamp , but its voltage is just the voltage of the battery (DC12V). I think it is very suitable for DIY fishing at night, or for lighting during outdoor camping. Yes, it is very energy-saving and power-saving
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