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 DH20 Pro+ Portable Spot Welder 18650 3.7V Handheld pulse Spot Welder Pen USB & B
DH20 Pro+ Portable Spot Welder 18650 3.7V Handheld pulse Spot Welder Pen USB & B
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DH20 Pro+ Portable Spot Welder Machine 18650 Handheld Spot Welder Pen USB & Battery Powered Spot Welder,Good Conductivity and Low Contact Resistance

Portable spot welding machine, with quick release welding pen.
Compact and portable size design can easy to carry
Integrated welding pen use gold-plate terminal, with good conductivity and low contact resistance;
Thickened pure copper strip and imported MOS tube can save energy and can provides longger service time;
Built-in high rate power battery, with fine charge and discharge performance, more stable;

Name: Spot Welding Machine
Material: Metal Case
Battery Capacity: 5500mAh
Welding Output:  4.2V Max 639A 
Welding Thickness: 0.1-0.15mm
USB Output: 5V Max 2.4A
Charging Port: Type-C
Product Weight: 302g
Product Size: 103x83x29mm
Package size: 143x107x48mm 
Package weight: 407g

Packaging Include:
1 x DH20 Pro+ Welding Machine
1 x Welding Pen
1 x 0.12mm*8mm*2m Nickel Plated Steel Belt

How to Use:

*Take note to fully charge the battery before use*

1. To Turn On/Off - Long press button for 3 seconds then release the button after hearing the boot sound,that is turn on/off.

2. Short press the button. If the buzzer rings, that is shift position. Press one time, and it can add 1 gear. 1-9 cycles, and the 9th gear is the strongest welding strength.

3. Soldering Operation - Start with level 1, unit will start soldering after 0.5 seconds once it detects item. Power setting can be adjusted to suit different soldering job. If high level going into current protection mode and reboot,you can connect a USB input;

4. Auto Power Off - After no activity for 15 minutes the unit will automatically shut down.

5. USB Output - The USB output will be activated automatically once connected. Once output current is less than 50mAh the unit will automatically cut power output. Short press button to resume power output.

6. Error Warning - If the device fails, the buzzer keeps beeping after turning on;

7. Firmware Update - The upgrade port is reserved, which can be upgraded to the latest firmware


1. It's recommended to weld nickel sheets below 0.15mm (Can welding 0.15mm).

2. It's recommended to weld when battery power over 70% for better welding effect.

3. Pay attention to the placement of the soldering pen,if the  pressure of the soldering pen too loose, will break down the nickel sheet.

If the  pressure of the soldering pen too tightly,the welding will be week.
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