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 BLD-750 Brushless DC Motor Driver BLDC controller 750W 24V 36V 48V with Hall DC1
BLD-750 Brushless DC Motor Driver BLDC controller 750W 24V 36V 48V with Hall DC1
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BLD-750 Brushless DC Motor Driver controller 24V 36V 48V 750W with Hall DC18-50V

Widely used in engraving machines, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, transmission equipment and other devices that require a higher resolution.

High torque output at low speed
Reliable output at high speed
Over-load protection setting
Under/Over-voltage,over-current, Stall, Hall signal wrong, over-heating Protection

Brushless DC synchronous DC motor (BLDC) driver with Hall sensor. Motor power up to 750 W, current up to 15 A, voltage 24-48 V, control of analog signal 0..5 V, PWM signal. Overvoltage, overcurrent, shaft jamming, start / stop, direction, and braking inputs. Exit "error".

BLD-750 brushless motor drive is developed for high-performance low-power low-voltage brushless motor . The brushless DC motor drives is suitable for power 48V, 750W, or 24V, 600W three-phase brushless DC motor speed regulation. BLD750 provides built-in speed potentiometer, external potentiometer speed control, external analog voltage speed control, PC (PLC, SCM, etc.) PWM pulse width control and other functions.

Input voltage
18~50VDC,Rated 48V

Current output
Rated 25A, 1A-45A

Applicable motor speed

Hall voltage signal
4.5v-5.5v, Rated: 5v

Hall drive current
Rated :20mA

External speed potentiometer
Rated: 10KO

Ambient requirement
Self cool

Keep away from oil, dust, and acid gas




Storage temp.

HALL angle: 120°
Five speed regulation modes
RS232 communication protocol
SPEED/ALARM signal output(O.C.)
High efficient, slowly temperature rise and compact size
Excellent velocity control and wide speed range of 0~20000rpm
PID closed-loop control and strong over-current/voltage, undervoltage self-protection
Natural cooling or forced cooling
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