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 5pcs Wood carving knife Art DIY knife set wood carving knife handmade wood carvi
5pcs Wood carving knife Art DIY knife set wood carving knife handmade wood carvi
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5pcs Wood carving knife Art DIY knife set wood carving knife handmade wood carving knife rubber carving knife

1 large oblique knife width 7.2mm (bevel side length 10mm)
1 large flat knife width 7.2mm
1 small semicircular knife width 4.3mm
1 triangle knife width 5.7mm
1 medium and semicircular knife width 6.6mm

Round knife: The cutting edge is arc-shaped, which is mostly used for round and round dents. It is also very useful in carving traditional flowers. For example, the round surfaces of flower leaves, petals and flower branches need to be shaped with a round knife. The horizontal movement of the circular knife is relatively labor-saving, and it can adapt to large ups and downs and small changes. And the line of the round knife is not sure, it is flexible to use and easy to explore. According to different purposes, the model of the round knife should be different, and the size range is basically between 5 cm and 0.5 cm. The two corners of the knife edge for the round carving figure should be polished off, and the shape is arc, otherwise when the carving pattern or other dents, not only can not be pushed, but also the sides of the dent road will be damaged. If you are doing embossing, you should keep the two corners of the knife edge, and use the function of the corners to carve the corners of the ground, so two kinds of them should be equipped. There are also positive and negative differences for round knives. The one with the inclined surface in the groove and the straight back of the knife is a straight round knife. The inclined plane is on the back of the knife, and the straight in the groove is a round knife with a reverse mouth. The shape of the round knife can also be made into a curved iron rod according to the needs, so as to extend into a deeper part to dig a carved hole.
Flat knife: The cutting edge is straight, mainly used for cutting and shoveling the unevenness of the wood surface to make it smooth and non-marking. The large model can also be used to chisel large, with a blocky surface, and use it well, such as the brushstroke effect of painting, which looks vigorous, vivid and natural. The sharp angle of the flat knife can engrave the line, and the knife foot or the pattern can be removed when the two knives intersect. The woodcarving figures in Sweden and the Soviet Union mostly use flat knives, which have a strong taste of wood knives.
Oblique knife: The knife edge is at an oblique angle of about 45 degrees. It is mainly used for corner trimming and polishing at the joint corners and hollow slits of the work. If you engrave the corners of the eyes, the diagonal knife is better. The material knife is divided into forehand oblique and backhand oblique to suit all directions. In the boxwood carvings in Shanghai, the hair strands are usually carved with an oblique knife, and the knife is moved with a twist and twist. The effect of the carved hair is more vivid and natural than that with a triangular knife.
Yuwan knife: commonly known as "monk head" and "butterfly chisel", the cutting edge is arc-shaped. It is a smoothing knife between a round knife and a flat knife. It is divided into two types: circular arc and oblique arc. When flat knives and round knives cannot be used, they can be completed instead. The characteristic is that it is relatively gentle, not as straight as a flat knife, nor as deep concave as a round knife, suitable for use on concave ups and downs.
Chinese Steel Knife: The cutting edge is straight and has a slope on both sides. Also called "printing knife". Traditional carving believes that: the Sinosteel knife is in the middle of the front, and it can be used to keep the front upright, so that the surrounding parts will not be shaken. Sinosteel knives are also used to engrave patterns and patterns on costumes and props.
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