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 W5500 Ethernet TCP/IP Protocol Stack SPI IOT Compatible WIZ820io Shield
W5500 Ethernet TCP/IP Protocol Stack SPI IOT Compatible WIZ820io Shield
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W5500 Ethernet TCP/IP Protocol Stack SPI IOT Compatible WIZ820io Shield

USR-ES1 is embedded with Wiznet’s W5500 chip, and uses hardware logic gate circuits to implement the transport layer and network layer of the TCP/IP protocol stack (such as: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE and other protocols), and integrates The data link layer, physical layer, and 32K bytes of on-chip RAM are used as data receiving and sending buffers. Make the host computer main control chip, only need to undertake the processing task of TCP/IP application layer control information. This greatly saves the workload of the host computer for data replication, protocol processing, and interrupt processing, and improves system utilization and reliability.

      During operation, users can use W5500 as a peripheral RAM of MCU, which is very simple. The external interface of W5500 is a universal 80MHz high-speed SPI, which can be selected for different platforms to expand high-speed Ethernet solutions. The auto-negotiation LED status shows that the SPI interface is fast and stable.

      The size and pins are compatible with Wiznet's official module WIZ820io

      Note: This module is not a SPI-to-Ethernet transparent transmission module, it needs to be used by an external microcontroller, and the user needs to understand how to use the W5500 chip. Provide STM32 sample code.

80MHz high-speed SPI interface
Built-in hardware TCPIP protocol stack, users hardly need to master complex network protocol knowledge
Support up to 8 Socket connections
Support TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE protocol
Integrated data link layer, physical layer
Support power-down wake-up
Support high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI mode 0~3)
Internal 32K bytes transmit and receive buffer
Embedded 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet physical layer (PHY)
Support auto negotiation (10/100-Based full duplex/half duplex)
Does not support IP fragmentation
3.3V working voltage, 5V withstand voltage of I/O signal port
LED status display (full duplex/half duplex, network connection, network speed, activity status)
Ultra-small pin-type package, convenient for embedded applications
Provide C application examples

 Product Features:
Power supply mode: 3.3V external power supply, current should be greater than 200mA
Control interface form: 3.3V TTL level, SPI interface; 2*single row pin
PCB size (MM): 23 * 25 mm
Mechanical size (length * width * height): 28.5 * 23 * 24 mm
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