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 12x18cm Single Sided Copper Cladded PCB board
12x18cm Single Sided Copper Cladded PCB board
SKU : CSPCB1812-G7
Stock : 140pcs
Price:PKR 100.00
12x18cm Single Sided Copper Clad PCB Laminate PCB Circuit Board

This single side PCB Copper Clad Laminate Board is made of copper foil by the hot-pressing technology.
Super-fine steel-wool, Restore4, Tarn-X, roscherite, Zap or similar before using.
After that be sure to rinse and dry so without any water spots.
Combined resin with reinforced material.
As basic material of PCB production.
This Copper Clad Plated Printed Board is desgined For Etch Etching Project.Single Sided (SS) Blank Copper on the Front, FR4 Bakelite on the Back.
With medium Size 12x18 cm (W*L), 1.6mm - 0.062" Thickness, Weight in 25g . 
Single-Sided Cuttable Fiber Glass and FR-4 Flame Resistant Good for Etch, Electrical, Power DIY IoT prototyping proto Projects.
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